"So long as the Negro leaders were fighting against government-enforced discrimination-right, justice and morality were on their side. But that is not what they are fighting any longer...Instead of fighting against racial discrimination, they are demanding that racial discrimination be legalized and enforced. Instead of fighting against racism, they are demanding the establishment of racial quotas. Instead of fighting for 'color-blindness' in social and economic issues, they are proclaiming that 'color-blindness' is evil and that 'color' should be made a primary consideration. Instead of fighting for equal rights, they are demanding special race privileges."

Ayn Rand

What We Should Remember on Martin Luther King Day
by Edwin A. Locke, Ph.D.

In his "I Have a Dream" speech Dr. King said: "I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
The Destruction of Martin Luther King's Dream of a Colorblind Society
by Onkar Ghate, Ph.D.

"It is no surprise that America is growing more racist, since the affirmative action and multiculturalist programs are themselves based on racist premises."

The Pied Pipers of Tribalism: The "Million Woman March" Should Have Promoted Individualism Not Tribalism
by Gary Hull, Ph.D.

The Million Woman March's leaders called for a return to the primitive tribalism of "African values."

The Racism of Reparations
by Alex Epstein

In today's economy, much of the wealth is created by companies in the fields of computers, communications, and biotech. If the reparations lawsuit is successful, it will be these companies that pay--they have the most money.

The Christopher Columbus Controversy: Western Civilization vs. Primitivism
by Michael Berliner

Underlying the political collectivism of the anti-Columbus crowd is a racist view of human nature. The values of Western civilization are values for all men; they cut across gender, ethnicity, and geography.

In Defense of Martin Luther King III
by Larry Elder

"What's he really done in life?" A Montgomery civil rights worker posed this question about Martin Luther King III -- the eldest son of legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

South Africa After Apartheid: Black Rule Alone is No Guarantee for Black Freedom
by Walter Williams

Colonial masters never committed anything near the murder and genocide seen under black rule in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Somalia and other countries, where millions of blacks have been slaughtered in unspeakable ways, which include: hacking to death, boiling in oil, setting on fire and dismemberment.

The Los Angeles "Rodney King" Riots: Ten Years Later
by Thomas Sowell

Why were the cops beating Rodney King? The politically correct answer is: Because he was black. But so were the other men in the car with him, when he was leading the police on a high-speed chase -- and none of these other black men was beaten.

"Diversity" In India
by Thomas Sowell

Sri Lanka was one of the most peaceful nations on earth before demagogues began hyping identity and demanding group preferences and quotas in the 1950s. 

Politically Correct Murder and Media Bias
by Larry Elder

Never mind that where violent crime takes place between blacks and whites, the cases overwhelmingly involve a black perpetrator and a white victim.

Black History Month
by Thomas Sowell
(February 28, 2002)
What is called Black History Month might more accurately be called "the sins of white people" month.

The Legacy of Slavery Hustle
by Walter Williams

I doubt whether the reparations gang could develop a coherent theory of the generation-skipping effects of slavery. Vestiges and legacy of slavery arguments are simply covers for another hustle similar to the $6 trillion dollar War on Poverty hustle.

P.C. Racism vs. Justice Thomas
by Larry Elder

Ebony, a monthly black magazine, puts out an annual list of the "100+ Most Influential Black Americans." Supposedly the list neither excludes nor includes based on the influential person's ideology. Supposedly.

Racism in Congress: The Black Caucus
by Ron Pisaturo

Why do 38 Congressmen racially segregate themselves into the "Black Caucus," which shamelessly calls itself "the premier power group in the U.S. House of Representatives"?

Cincinnati Under Siege: Yawning at Black-On-White Violence
by Michelle Malkin

Cincinnati has been under siege since Monday, its downtown and surrounding suburbs overrun by black demonstrators targeting innocent white bystanders and businesses.

The Bankrupt Reparations Movement
by Larry Elder

The reparations movement unmasks today's "black leadership" as negative, pessimistic, and operating on an assumption of the powerlessness of blacks to improve their own lives.

Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality
by Todd Weiner

In his work, Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality, Mr. Sowell confronts the "rhetoric" of the civil rights establishment and contrasts it with the "reality" of American society and American law.

America's Field of Blackbirds
by Robert W. Tracinski

America's Field of the Blackbirds is slavery -- and the oppression it is being used to justify is the current push for "reparations" for slavery.

Jesse Jackson's "Civil" Rights Protection Racket
by Paul Craig Roberts

You have to hand it to civil-rights leaders. They have made a much better business out of the protection racket than the old Mafia did.
Reason vs. Racism opposes all forms of racism — including the racist actions of the KKK and the Black Panthers, or the racist policies of the advocates of "affirmative action." The mission of this site is to promote a rational solution to racism: individualism and justice.

What is racism? Racism is a form of collectivism that holds that a man's intellectual ideas and moral character are formed by his race—i.e., his physiology, and ancestry—rather then by the content of their character—i.e., his choices and actions.  

What is the racist's view of justice? Racism holds that one should be judged not by ones character, but by the "color of ones skin", i.e., by the actions of all those people who are the same race as you.

What is the root of racism? Politically, racism is a result of collectivism and statism. Psychologically, it is a result of the racist's own inferiority complex—since he has no self-esteem or character, he tries to gain it through his unchosen ancestry/race. Epistemologically, it is a product of determinism. 

What are racial quotas? Quotas, like those used in so-called "affirmative action" programs, are a means of apportioning rewards, not on merit, but on other criteria such as race. Racial quotas are a mockery of justice. Affirmative action is racism.

Why do so-called "civil rights" leaders support quotas? Short answer: Because they are racist, and it gives them political power. Long answer: Their goal is not equal rights (freedom), but to build themselves a political power base for the "group" they claim to "represent". Observe that the essential trait of today's race leaders is not their ideas, but the color of their skin -- and their ability to lobby for political pull.

Are race leaders chosen? Racism gives the race "leader" a blank check to speak for everyone who is unlucky enough to be of the same race as their "leader"—even for those members who do not espouse, or even agree with, his views. For example Jesse Jackson claims to speak for Black Americans who despise him and oppose his racist, egalitarian policies.

What is the solution to racism? The only solution to racism is the doctrine of individualism and the ethics of justice. Individualism holds that each man is a sovereign entity, who forms his own ideas and character by his own thoughts and actions. Justice demands that one only deserves, what one has rightly earned, by ones own character and actions.


Ayn Rand on Quotas

"The notion of racial quotas is so obviously an expression of racism that no lengthy discussion is necessary. If a young man is barred from a school or a job because the quota for his particular race has been filled, he is barred by reason of his race. Telling him that those admitted are his 'representatives,' is adding insult to injury. To demand such quotas in the name of fighting racial discrimination, is an obscene mockery."

"... it is obvious that...a successful, self-made black businessman has more interests in common with white businessmen than with a black mugger..."

"...The quota doctrine assumes that all members of a given physiological group are identical and interchangeablenot merely in the eyes of other people, but in their own eyes and minds. Assuming a total merging of the self with the group, the doctrine holds that it makes no difference to a man whether he or his "representative" is admitted to a school, gets a job, or makes a decision..." 

(Read the full article on Quotas by purchasing Ayn Rand's The Voice of Reason.)

Ayn Rand on the Solution to Racism

"There is only one antidote to racism: the philosophy of individualism and its politico-economic corollary, laissez-faire capitalism. Individualism regards manevery manas an independent, sovereign entity who possesses an inalienable right to his own life, a right derived from his nature as a rational being. Individualism holds that a civilized society, or any form of association, cooperation or peaceful co-existence among men, can be achieved only on the basis of the recognition of individual rights-and that a group, as such, has no rights other than the individual rights of its members."


Multiculturalism and Diversity — The New Racism
Multiculturalism is racism in a politically-correct guise. It holds that an individual's identity and personal worth are determined by ethnic/racial membership and that all cultures are of equal worth, regardless of their moral views or how they treat people. This site features the following editorials:




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